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5 Tips for Bringing a Newborn to a Holiday Party

The holidays are here! Which means parties, get togethers- and most importantly, if you just had a baby it means more than likely bringing that baby along for the ride! For me getting a baby sitter isn’t even an option because my three month old wont take a bottle. So pretty much any outing or get-together is going to have to become baby friendly. I’ve compiled a short list of tips I learned the first time around (my oldest was born in November) and will be using this time too since my youngest is only three months. Whatever party you are attending you should definitely not fear bringing your newborn and hopefully with these tips you will be prepared and ready to just enjoy this season!

Baby laying in carrier

Tip #1: Stock your car with anything and everything you might possibly need… What I mean by this is no matter what circumstance, crazy diaper explosion, or any other baby related disaster you can have a safe space to retreat to and regroup. (No matter what I always keep extra Bambo Nature diapers and wipes in our car, but even more so if I know I am going somewhere like a party) For me that means bringing extra diapers, wipes, a change of clothes (for me and the baby), snacks. Pretty much anything you might possibly need or want so that even if your worst case scenario happens you will be able to handle it and go back to enjoying yourself at the party.

Tip #2: Wear something breastfeeding friendly (Or bring extra bottles if you aren’t breastfeeding) – Life will be about a thousand times easier and you will be able to stay at the party longer and enjoy yourself more if you are prepared to feed your baby without trying to do acrobatics in your outfit.  Holiday dresses can be seriously hard to get in and out of so plan ahead! There are a lot of nursing friendly brands out there that have some awesome dresses and honestly styles get better and better everyday. Also don’t be afraid to ask your host for a quiet place to nurse or put together a bottle.

Tip #3: People are going to want to hold your new little one. Don’t be afraid to ask people to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before holding your baby. With winter being prime time for colds and the flu it is important to be mindful of that. Especially at a party where more than likely everyone will want to hold/look at your little one. Also know it is okay to not let people hold your baby… at the end of the day you have to do what you think is best and are most comfortable with for your child.

Tip #4. Bring a pack n’ play or other type of portable sleeping area for your little one. This has been a life saver for us on so many occasions, having a place to retreat to  while they are sleeping or if they are overwhelmed from all the new faces and activity can really help if you are planning on staying for a while.

Tip #5: Remember you just had a baby and know your limits. Listen to yourself and your little one and know it is okay to have a quiet holiday season this year. Even without a new baby the holidays can be stressful so especially during this time of transition and newness in your own life be mindful and listen you your body and your baby and only do what you have the energy for. AND what is great with that is now you can start making your own traditions, spending time together as a new family, and creating memories your child will hopefully look back on as they someday start their own families.


So good luck this holiday season! I hope it is just completely magical and full of so much tradition. Know at the end of the day no matter how many or few parties you go to, whether it goes as planned or you have a giant spit up catastrophe… there really is nothing better than sitting at home and cuddling your new little one… maybe over a pie or something equally delicious, you can’t lose.


This guest post is from Bambo Ambassador Kayla Petering of This Little Wandering. Kayla and her family document their family adventures while living in Colorado.

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