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5 Tricks for Avoiding Diaper Uh-Ohs Out of Nowhere

Every parent has been there when the inevitable blowout or uh-oh moment happens. You’re usually far from home and dealing with quite the mess, often times in a public setting. Luckily, as a parent, you’re usually prepared for these moments. When my son was first born I swear I’d leave with half the house every time I’d walk out the door. It felt essential to bring a change or two of clothes for Owen, countless diapers and wipes, a changing pad and the list goes on (there may have even been a time or two where I brought a spare tee for myself just to be extra safe). But, as Owen got older and we found our rhythm I learned there was quite a bit I could be doing before we stepped out the door to prepare that didn’t include packing a huge weekender bag for a quick errand. Nearly 17 months later, here is what I’ve learned when it comes to avoiding those uh-ohs out of nowhere.

1. Find the right diaper. Seems simple enough right, but it makes a huge difference! My husband and I both have super sensitive skin, and Owen is no exception. We landed on Bambo Nature after trying a few other brands that always seemed to irritate his skin, especially around the hips. Since Bambo Nature’s diapers are allergen, perfume and chemical free it’s a no-brainer. When Owen is comfortable in his diaper there’s a much lower chance of him attempting to take his diaper off or pull and fidget.

2. Plan ahead.I’m not suggesting to plan your entire life around your little one’s bowel movements, but if you know there’s a particular part of the day he or she is typically more gassy or tends to go through more diapers, avoid this time of day for play dates or mommy-meetups. For us that’s first thing in the morning. It’s always a little more low maintenance when it comes to diaper changes in the afternoon so that’s when I tend to get together with friends, run errands and so on.

3. Let baby eat and digest before leaving. I breastfed Owen the first year of his life and I always found that if I fed him, gave him time to fully digest and changed his diaper right before we walked out the door I spent far less time dealing with blowouts or changing him in public restrooms. This is equally true for those of you who aren’t breastfeeding and are bottle feeding. Not only can this help avoid an uh-oh moment, but it allows your babe to work out any digestive pains at home which can help with fussiness too!

4. Find the right size diaper. Now that Owen is wearing Bambo Nature’s size 4 diapers (which range from 15-40 pounds) we aren’t having to constantly check back in on his size, but in the early days of Owen’s life this was really important. It’s crucial that your little one’s diaper isn’t too tight, but also isn’t too loose either. Luckily, Bambo Nature makes this a seamless process with their sizing structure. A few things to look out for if you’re wondering if your baby has the right size:

If you’re experiencing up the back blowouts and fastener’s digging into sides, it’s time to size up.

If you’re experiencing out the side blowouts or a loose or saggy looking diaper, it’s time to tighten the waist or size down.

5. Dress baby in proper fitting clothing. I know it’s easy to want to get every last wear out of that adorable onesie or those cute little leggings, but if your little one’s clothes are too tight this can contribute to an uh-oh moment. Make sure your baby’s clothing is the appropriate size, that they’re comfortable and that their diaper isn’t squeezed into something that’s too small for them.

 Have you found any ways to avoid those uh-oh’s? I’d love to hear your stories too!

This guest post is from Hailey Andresen. Hailey runs a lifestyle blog called Household Mag, where she documents her life as a mother and wife building a nest in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to the blog, she sells goods in her Household Shop and makes a podcast with her husband titled Mom and Dad Made a Podcast.

Written by Hailey Andresen of Household Mag.

Photography by Amy Frances.

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