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Baby’s First Holidays

For parents and older siblings, a baby’s first holidays are a time to establish new traditions, take photos, and make memories as a family. Yet, the holidays are also a fascinating time for your baby’s sensory and emotional development.

By the time December comes around, you’ve spent weeks or months steadily tuning in to your little love’s every need, mood, and milestone. Each new stimulus is a learning opportunity. As a parent, you’re perfecting the art of providing a consistent equilibrium of stimuli, care, and comfort… Then along comes the chaos of the holidays!

The festive season has a way of shaking up our schedules with parties, travel, and time off from work.  Extended family gatherings are often the first opportunity all the adoring aunts, uncles, cousins, and great grandparents will have to hold, play and talk with your new baby.

Add to all of that the incredible sensory wonderland of lights, ornaments, wrapping paper, decorating cookies, traditional music, and the smells emanating from the kitchen, and suddenly you have an enchanted spectrum of first experiences to share with your little love.

We asked some of our Bambo Nature friends what they are most looking forward to sharing with the new addition their families these holidays, and this this is what they had to say:

Mom Tulani and Titan (9 months), Aiden (13 years), and Taj (17 years)

I bake cookies with my boys every year so I am excited to introduce Titan to the tradition. It’s special for me but it’s also special watching my boys make new memories together, especially during this time of year.

Titan is obsessed with paper so it’s made gift-wrapping a very interesting experience this year. I think just doing little activities with him like wrapping presents is just so much more fun and comical.

Our boys go ice-skating every year during the winter so we’re going to take Titan with us to cheer on his brothers from the sidelines. It’s another experience with my boys that I’m excited to introduce Titan to and I love how they all experience it together.


Mom Leia and Peter (5 months)

We flew to Chicago for Thanksgiving, which was interesting. We were nervous about traveling with him. He met all of his cousins and extended family for the first time, which was a really fun experience.

We’re staying home and making a much bigger deal over Christmas than usual. It’s my mom’s first grandbaby and she is so excited!

Peter loves bright lights and he’s fascinated with the Christmas tree. We have a beautiful historic street and every year my husband and I take walks to see the Christmas lights – we’re really excited to introduce Peter to that family tradition. We also took him to meet Santa – mostly for the photo op!


Mom Katelyn and Jackson (7 months) and Deacon (2 years)

Teaching the kids about the holiday is really fun. We went and got a tree together. My older boy had a field day running around. We also got advent calendars and it’s really fun explaining to my older son about counting down until Christmas.

Watching Jackson watch his older brother is really special. I think my youngest is going to get so much more out of his first Christmas because he gets to watch and see what his older brother does and delight in his happiness.

I am also really excited to continue my mom’s tradition of making Christmas morning really special for my boys. All of their firsts happen so fast so I am trying to really cherish this Christmas with my boys.


Don’t forget, between all the excitement and celebration, to exercise a little self care these holidays – especially if you’re traveling out of town. Keeping up a simple bath and bedtime cuddle routine will give you and baby some essential quiet downtime together.

From all of us at Bambo Nature: We wish you the most magical of holidays!

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