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Certifications: What Are They Good For?

If you’ve ever checked out Bambo Nature’s Certifications webpage, you might be wondering what all those accolades actually mean, and why we go to the trouble of getting them.

When it comes to diapers, what do the words natural or green really mean? Is it about being safer? More biodegradable? Organic? Containing fewer chemicals? Does it even matter?

We’ve been talking recently about the health and environmental impacts diapers have, and the fact that, if they aren’t truly natural, diapers and baby products can cause more problems than they solve. However, since you can’t live without diapers, we go through the most rigorous certification processes for our products with the understanding that our moms and dads are part of a community of health-conscious folks who do their part for the environment – just like us!

Bambo Nature’s mission has always been to consistently evolve with the most innovative health and environmental research to provide products that aren’t just natural or green according to loose industry guidelines – but which totally redefine the standards for what constitutes a truly natural brand.

How do we do this? By working with international research bodies that know best, both from a health and safety perspective and when it comes to our environmental footprint.


Naturally Healthy Babies

Have you ever noticed the Asthma Allergy Denmark blue logo on Bambo packaging? It’s not an easy certification to acquire, especially for a diaper brand.

The Asthma and Allergy Association of Denmark only certifies products that pose the absolutely smallest possible risk of allergy, eczema, or other skin-irritation. No perfumes, no colors, no formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors, and no optical brighteners have been added to Bambo Nature products. Finally, Asthma Allergy Denmark certified products contain no known allergenic or hormone disrupting ingredients. In addition, no fillers or non-functional ingredients are added to Bambo Nature products.

What does all this mean for your little love? Well, if you think about it, diapers are the one product with which your baby is in almost constant contact. So, by using a brand that is certified with Asthma Allergy Denmark, your baby’s respiratory and skin health won’t be compromised by the very products that are supposed to keep her comfortable day and night.


Naturally Healthy Planet

Bambo Nature is especially proud to hold the Nordic Swan Eco-label – a seal introduced by the Nordic Council of Ministers to promote a sustainable society through sustainable consumerism. In fact, Bambo Nature is the first diaper brand to be certified by the Nordic Swan.

Experts, environmental organizations, and authorities base the criteria for the Nordic Swan Eco-label on an independent evaluation of a company’s full range of products and services. To keep up to date with the most current science, the criteria are revised every three years.

For Bambo Nature, attaining the Nordic Swan Eco-label means meticulously evaluating and re-evaluating everything from our sustainably sourced materials, the suppliers we partner with and their environmental footprints and the production, packaging, logistics, and distribution processes we use.

Being a parent doesn’t have to mean compromising your environmental values, and these certifications are the proof in the pudding.

The terms “green” and “natural” mean something different to every diaper brand. For us, being natural is very serious business, and it’s always evolving with science to achieve the standards set by independent experts internationally.

Seals like the Nordic Swan and Asthma Allergy Denmark exist to transcend the ambiguity of language and marketing around the green theme, and demonstrate to the savvy customer that the brand has really done its homework and makes the grade. So, you might say that we at Bambo Nature are a little nerdy that way!  You can learn more by visiting our Certifications page!

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