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Out with the Old and in with the New! A Fresh Look at Bambo Nature’s New Diapers!

This blog post was written by our very own Bambo Nature Ambassador, Nicole Banuelos. Nicole’s son Gio, has used Bambo Nature since his early bambolino days. While they were fans of the original Bambo Nature diaper, they are loving Bambo’s new diapers that now include a wetness indicator, softer backsheet, and thinner design! Created with not just the little ones in mind, but for parents too!  Keep reading to learn more about why Nicole and her family love Bambo Nature diapers!

I first started using Bambo Nature diapers for my little man just over a year ago.  I was intrigued that they were certified free of all harmful chemicals, dermatology tested and eco-friendly.  Admittedly, I was a little skeptical about how soft these diapers could actually be… in my experience the more natural the diaper, the less comfort for baby.  One brand I tried actually reminded me of cardboard and there was no way I was going to let my little guy sit uncomfortably in that.

Once I received my first order from Bambo Nature (in the green bag), I was happily surprised to say that they definitely live up to their guaranteed quality of being ultra soft and skin friendly. With the amount of moving that my little guy is doing these days, comfort is just as important as safety and Bambo Nature definitely did the job.

Bambo Baby Gio peacefully sleeping, wearing our old Bambo Nature diapers

I’d say that the only thing these diapers were lacking, was a wetness indicator that some of their competitive brands offered. Luckily for us, Bambo Nature recently came out with new and improved diapers! They kept everything that was great about them and went a step further by making them thinner, softer, and by adding that wetness indicator line I longed for!  Check out the pictures below to see all the hype.

Fresh Diaper = Yellow Line

Wet Diaper = Blue Line

I no longer need to get up close and personal before I know if my little man needs a new diaper or not! This is also very helpful when my parents are babysitting.  While I can usually tell by the feel of the diaper, they are sometimes unsure and at times have changed a diaper that was not wet at all… and I know we can all agree that wasting clean diapers is a huge no-no!  My parents love this new feature so much – they are always raving about about it after babysitting, saying how they wished diapers were like this back when they had babies of their own.

Now that you know why the wetness indicator is so great, you are probably wondering why a thinner design is better.  You’re probably thinking,“Why thinner?  Who wants to risk a blow out?”.

No need to worry there!

In an effort to keep your little one as comfortable as possible, these diapers became thinner, yet still provide the much needed protection against those messy blowouts.  I have never once had an issue with a blowout diaper while using Bambo Nature Diapers.  They are that good!  The thinner design is also a huge help in terms of packing.  Whether I’m packing a diaper bag for a day on the go or a suit case for a weekend away, its nice to be able to fit more into one bag!

The most important change for my little man is that these diapers are now softer than before.  All three of my kids have always been super sensitive to touch and refuse to wear anything that is even remotely scratchy so the softer the diaper, the happier the baby!

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