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Potty Training- Or That thing I Know How to do, but Can’t Seem to Teach My Child 

Okay so let’s get serious for a moment- potty training, we all go to the bathroom, no one thinks twice about it until, well until it is time to teach another tiny human how to do the same. For us potty training has been the thing I dreaded, avoided, and someday will probably look back on and laugh about. For now though, I have to say we are still in the journey that is potty training and so all advice here is just that advice on where we are in the process.

My oldest daughter Jessamyn is two and a half and we have been working on potty training for about 6 months now. Initially she was incredibly opposed to the process, so much so we actually stopped shortly after we started because she just didn’t seemed ready. I was pregnant during this time and about when we had our second daughter our older girl decided she was ready to use the potty. We started out slow, bought a potty seat that goes on the toilet and a stool so she could get up and down on her own. Switched from diapers to pull-ups to help her feel more comfortable. Which Bambo Nature just so happens to make pull-ups so the switch was easy! Oh and we got a reward for her for when she was fully potty trained, which for Jessamyn was princess shoes and princess underwear because obviously all princess everything is important around here.

The first few days we started by just having her hang out naked in the morning, nothing crazy. Definitely wasn’t ready to take her out of the house so we just hung out and asked her if she needed to go potty every so often. There were a few accidents at first, BUT as time went on she got better and better at asking to go! I should add that this was not at all consistent at first and some days she really responded emotionally to potty training so we just didn’t do it that day. I think the important thing with potty training is remembering that this is all new and potentially scary for your child so going at their pace, being supportive, and really following their lead is important.

Baby taking nap

Now we are at a point where Jessamyn wears underwear almost exclusively during the day and hasn’t had an accident in weeks. She still wears pull-ups at nap time and overnight but the emotions have gone from “this is completely crazy” to “she has totally got this.” She also has started to ask to go potty when we are out in public which is a huge win for us and definitely came with time and her comfort level with using the potty changing and getting better everyday!

So basically what I am saying is that potty training is an individual journey and your child’s experience is probably going to look different from someone else’s child and that is completely okay. When we first started potty training Jessamyn I thought we had to follow a strict guide and do things a specific way and it was incredibly stressful for everyone, but once I let go and listened to Jessamyn and met her where she was at, that is when the progress began! So just know if you are getting ready to potty train, in the middle, or not even wanting to think about it… it is okay! It is hard, and it can be frustrating but you and your child will get there and it will be completely unique may not go at the pace you want but that is okay. Parenthood isn’t about being exactly like everyone else and potty training definitely fall under that truth.


This guest post is from Kayla Petering of This Little Wandering. Kayla and her family document their family adventures while living in Colorado.

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