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Our friend, Kayla, from This Little Wandering recently tried our diapers on her daughter. Read about her experience below and check out her site here.

I have a different sort of Tiny Style post for you today! It feels appropriate though because lets face it at the core of every outfit is a diaper and that diaper will be the factor that decides how long that outfit will last (due to blowout) or how practical that outfit will be (because outfits without easy access to the diaper are a “no” in this household.) The logic I have always held then is that the diaper is a pretty important factor and choosing the brand of diaper we use is something I have been very picky about from day one. (you can ask my husband if you don’t believe me).

When I look for a diaper the first thing I always check is how “skin friendly” is the diaper. I wont use products with harsh or dangerous chemicals in them and Bambo Nature meets my standard of quality. Bambo Nature has been in the diaper business for over 25 years and has a three part  promise that I could really relate to. Their diapers are skin friendly (meaning no harsh chemicals), Eco friendly (meaning sustainably resourced) and sleep friendly (with maximum absorbency, which lets face it… that’s kind of a big deal).

So without telling my husband I switched out the diapers in our changing station for Bambo Nature. Not even three days into using them he came down stairs after changing Jessamyn and said, ” I don’t know why we changed out all the diapers but I really like these new ones, they fit better.” That was all he said but seriously that is the first time he has ever commented on anything related to diapering other than pointing out the grossness of having to change her so I am counting that as a huge plus for Bambo Nature, even my husband noticed the difference!

Another thing I noticed was that lately Jessamyn has been drinking a ton of water while we are driving in the car, sometimes we would reach our destination and she would have soaked through her diaper into the carseat itself… which says a lot about how much she is drinking! Since switching diapers we haven’t had that problem. I am actually kind of shocked because even though I was picky about diapers there was always a little part of me that wondered if they all were the same just with different labels but this little switch we have done to Bambo Nature has really proven me wrong and shown me that quality matters.

Diapering can be such a dividing subject, there are so many different kinds, cloth diapers, early potty training, etc. I feel like as Mothers we owe it to ourselves to come together and share what works and let go of what doesn’t. I would love to hear what you look for in a diaper? How you diaper and why? and maybe even what problems you have that you just can’t seem to find a solution to or what products really work for you! Please feel free to share in the comments or head over to my instagram to continue the conversation!

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