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What’s The Deal With Bambo Nature Diapers?

Inevitably, someday in the future, you will long for the days when your baby was still a baby.  What you will miss: the warmth of being able to cradle her in your arms and keep her safe, the hilarious lengths you went to just to make her smile, and the deep bond of being the epicenter of her whole world.

What you won’t miss: the diapers! They leak, they explode, they’re messy, and if you’re a new parent, they’re probably taking over your life a little bit right now.


You already know that average disposable diapers are loaded with chemical ingredients and even heavy metals that can be harmful and irritating to your baby. In fact, a baby’s sensitive new skin will absorb around 50 chemicals when you use standard diapers and baby products.

Health considerations aside, standard diapers, and diapers that claim to be green but still use a large percentage of unnatural ingredients and production processes, take an enormous amount of resources to make and distribute – especially for something that is made to last all of about three hours.

Thankfully, this is the information age we’re living in! Moms and dads have more choices now than ever before to find products that align with their health and environmental values, and still offer convenience and affordability. The new generation of parents is savvy and discerning and we know genuinely smart, safe, green products when we see them.

So, what’s the deal with Bambo Nature diapers?

We’re kind of shaking things up, diaper-wise! For thirty years we’ve worked tirelessly at finding innovative ways of solving every known health and environmental concern about diapers, and what we’ve found is that the two issues go hand in hand.


Here are some of the ways we’re saving the world (and your baby’s little bottom), one diaper at a time:

  1. We’re very serious about you little love’s safety. That means our diapers contain no known carcinogenic chemicals (that cause cancer), no phthalates (that mimic human hormones and mess with development), and no heavy metals like TNT.
  1. We love keeping babies happy. We don’t add irritants like lotions, perfumes, or odor inhibitors because, well, we don’t need them! Quality absorbent diapers like ours, which are made out of naturally soft ingredients, take care of the smell and sensitivity factors… Naturally! And we love animals, too, so none of our products are tested on animals. Our diapers are dermatologically tested and approved by independent institutes.
  1. We make diapers that actually fit. We talked to hundreds of parents about measurement and received lots of feedback to perfect the way our diapers fit, at every size. The Bambo Nature design incorporates super soft materials and stretchy side panels that are flexible enough for even the most active of babies.
  1. We’re keeping things dry down there! Diapers that keep your tiny one dry are important, and not just for comfort’s sake – it’s a skin health issue. Some parents use natural products during the day but revert to overnight diapers at night for maximum absorbency. We decided to make sure our diapers never compromised on absorbency for nighttime comfort so you don’t have to compromise on your health and environmental values.

How did we do it?

Our diapers are a little bit special with a unique three-layer contact design that pulls moisture away from the skin, even after multiple wettings. We also incorporated a breathable back sheet for optimum dryness.

What all this means is that, not only will your little love stay dry at night, but he’ll also be protected against allergens that tend to thrive in a moist environment.

Being able to depend on genuinely natural and safe diapers 24/7 means you don’t have to wing it at night with standard alternatives to get a good night’s sleep.

  1. We’re pedantic about our environmental footprint. From the factories where our materials are sourced, the trees and water resources that go into making our diapers, to the sustainability of our own facilities, the way we transport products, and our packaging and waste… We’ve thought of everything! And we only work with suppliers who comply with the strictest conditions around environmental impact.

It makes a lot of sense, that what’s bad for baby is bad for the world. Our goal has been to make diapers that solve more problems than they create, which moms and dads can count on 100% of the time.

And, for what it’s worth, our hard work has paid off. Bambo Nature has been awarded the world’s most coveted credentials and eco-labels. (Hey, it’s not bragging if it’s true!)

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